The Future is Expecting You!

The Opportunity Management Company (TOMC) is immersed in and mapping out the future of storytelling. The company has worked to discover the motivations of content stakeholders and pioneer the new opportunities for collaboration of storytellers (content creators and rights holders) technology companies (those creating the platforms that power the future and the audience) and brands (ad agencies and their clients), for the creation, financing, production and distribution of entertainment. It is a new ecosystem. TOMC sits at the nexus in this new ecosystem and brings its members together around opportunities that showcase innovation, build loyal audiences and customers, forward their businesses, and keep them relevant. Connecting the dots, connecting the players and delivering a result that can only happen through collaboration. That’s the essence of Opportunity Management.

TOMC has spent more than a decade escorting clients into the future. It’s not just about what’s new and shiny and interactive. It’s about sound business innovation and informed collaboration between technologists and storytellers. It’s about a rich, active, engaged, demanding audience that sees itself as part of the story. And, it’s about ROI.

TOMC’s Opportunity Managers have been at the bleeding edge of the integration of story and technology that continually changes the audience’s relationships to brands, content and each other. TiVo, Virgin America’s Red, MobiTV, BT’s OpenWorld, NBCUniversal’s BDLive, Paltalk, Nixle, and TV Guide’s introduction in 1998 as the first ever cross-platform brand are all a part of the company’s heritage. And that includes ground breaking content initiatives from Bablegum’s award-winning comedy slate to Tim Kring’s Conspiracy for Good.

Today TOMC balances the needs and goals of technology companies powering the next generation of entertainment experiences, the dreams of storytellers, the mandates of both new and traditional media companies; and the aspirations and dynamics of social communities that swarm exponentially around successful content. Clients include technology companies, ad agencies, brands, and storytellers who come to TOMC to be at the source of the change rather than at its effect.

TOMC combines relationship brokerage, multiplatform/cross media strategies and production, business modeling, distribution, and brand integration to help clients finance, produce & monetize multiplatform content, reach audiences across distribution platforms and maximize the opportunities of an evolving media world.



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